Welcome to Cooking NormaLee!

NormaLee is a real person.  She and her husband Fred reared 11 children in a small town in central Texas.  Thankfully for her family, NormaLee enjoys cooking and she is very good at it. She doesn’t use expensive ingredients or have an amazing array of kitchen equipment.  Her favorite knives are the “little white knives” purchased from a restaurant supply store and she prefers simple food–good food, but simple food.

We don’t count calories, fat, sodium, or anything else. We are fans of bleached white flour and white sugar…as long as it contributes to a delicious food.  Most years we have an edible garden because we have found the quality of the produce is much, much higher when it is left to ripen on the plant and picked just before being used or preserved.  Homegrown produce (and all other food) is almost always better than store bought.

This site is dedicated to sharing recipes and food stories from NormaLee and her family.  The family members who contribute will introduce themselves along the way.  We hope you enjoy our offerings.

Get started by selecting a category from the menu on the right, or view our latest entries here. If you have a question or a request, be sure to leave us a comment, or post a recipe for us here. Thank you.


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